Felicia Shakespeare is the Founder of A Purpose Driven Woman LLC, a personal development company and the women’s empowerment community, created to be a safe space for women to receive personal development and professional growth resources through online and offline platforms.
Felicia Shakespeare is an author, entrepreneur and an accomplished educator. She is the 2019 recipient of the FWD (For Women and Diversity) Award:CLICK HERE for the magazine feature. and a nominee for the prestigious Global Woman Award.  She has spoken internationally in Paris, France for A Woman’s Narrative one day women’s conference and is the creator of the women’s mentorship community called mClass: Master Mentor Motivate . mClass was created as a safe space for women to receive empowerment resources for personal development and professional growth through online and offline platforms. Out of this concept the A Purpose Driven Woman Conference Chicago Conference was born, her first major “offline event” which was held November 3, 2018 in Chicago. After the conference she launched the: A Purpose Driven Woman Podcast w/Felicia Shakespeare., and the production of avbook collaboration project, the “A Purpose Driven Woman Collective” will be released by spring 2020. Felicia is also the founder  of “The Purpose School” Which is set for debut early 2020.
Her latest book is You Are Your Brand: Building From The Inside Out focuses on professional development and personal growth and is a resource for women and emerging/reemerging leaders. She won the WNBA Chicago Sky Redefine Possible Women’s Leadership Award in 2018 in company with other Chicagoans Actress Lisa Raye McCoy, Alderwoman Pat McDowell and  many more. To learn more about the conference founder Felicia Shakespeare go to